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We have been creating stunning gardens in and around the Peel region for over 18 years. If you need a full revamp of your garden or just need a quick tidy up to sell your home or need a garden installed for your new home......let us help you !

Hedging/Formal Plants

Acmena Allyn Magic ( small hedge)

Acmena goodbye neighbours - (large hedge)

Adenanthos - (large hedge)

Agonis Flexuosa nana - (medium hedge)

Buxus microphila japonica (small hedge)

Gardenia - (medium to large hedge)

Hebe - (small-medium hedge)

Metrosideros - Spring Fire - (medium hedge)

Metrosideros - Cream Ridge (large hedge)

Murraya paniculata - (medium to large hedge)

Myrsine africana - (small hedge)

Pittosporum -Screenmaster (large hedge)

Raphiolepsis - (medium hedge)

Rosemary - (medium hedge)

Syzygium - Aussie Boomer (medium hedge)

Syzygium - Bush Christmas (large hedge)

Viburnum - (medium to large hedge)

Westringia -(medium hedge)


Pre Sale Makeovers

Landscaping and property solutions
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