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Landscaping Packages for New Homes

Do you have a new home in one of these estates with a landscaping package rebate?

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Magic Dirt landscaping are contracted to some of the largest land developers in Australia to complete landscaping packages for new homes in their private estates.

We will work with you to create a stunning garden that not only enhances your home but maintains the high standards of landscaping within your estate whilst meeting the guidelines set out by your land developer.

As we often have a number of questions from clients regarding their landscaping package we have outlined in detail everything you need to know about your landscaping.

Below we have some quick links to specific information or read on for the full overview of your landscaping package which includes information on :

* What guidelines do I need to follow when designing my garden?

* What is included in my landscaping package?

* What is the landscaping process?

* How do I design my garden and what plants can I choose?

* What are my responsibilities as the property owner?

* How do I prepare my site for landscaping?

* Frequently asked questions

Quick Links

What Guidelines do I need to follow when Designing my garden?

As with any new construction there are guidelines that have been set by the local council and the developer that we must follow.

* The landscaping package is a basic starter package that includes soft scapes only

ie reticulation, lawn, plants and mulch. Hardscapes such as brick paving, concreting,retaining walls, etc are not included in the landscaping package.

* A street tree may be compulsory on your verge. This is a local council and developer 

requirement and cannot be negotiated. The species of the tree is decided by the council and/or the land developer and cannot be changed.

* Earthworks is NOT included in the landscaping package. Please see the information relation to Earthworks by clicking on the Earthworks tab above.

* Verge treatments must comply with local shire laws. For more information on permissable verge treatments please visit your local council website or contact us and we can forward the information on to you.

* Landscaping works cannot commence until you have handover of your property.

What is included in my Landscaping Package?

Your landscaping package is a basic starter package that includes reticulation (automatic or Tap Timer)depending on the value of your landscaping package), roll on turf, plants and mulch


We can also quote on artificial turf, stones and steppers. Sometimes this will fit into the landscaping package allowance (depending on size of landscaped area and design). If the request for artificial turf or other upgrades goes over budget you will be provided with a quote for amounts that exceed the landscaping allowance that is payable by the owner. Please note we can always provide a basic landscaping package within the landscaping allowance. Any upgrades requested by the owner may incur extra charges.

What is the process for landscaping my property?

1. Purchase order for Landscaping package

When your house reaches its final stages of construction your land developer will request a photo of your house showing that the driveway and crossover is completed and your garage door has been fitted. (A purchase order will not be issued before these are complete)

The land developer will issue us a landscaping purchase order and we will contact you to discuss your landscaping.

We will ask :

* that you read all the information on this website regarding your landscaping package.

* you have gathered ideas for your new garden, including the types of plants you would like, the position of garden beds and turf areas, etc.

* a 90mm PVC Storm water pipe has been laid under the driveway and any other pathways, concrete, paving, decking to service any garden areas that will require reticulation. This pipe should only be used for reticulation, it is not to be used for NBN or any other services. If you are not sure where this pipe needs to be laid or if you are having concrete or paving or decking laid please phone Mike on 0407 422 708 before your concreting, paving or decking is laid to discuss what pipework is needed. 

* provide a clean level site that is free of weeds, rubbish and rubble. the final level should be 30-50mm below kerb line, driveway height, paving height, concrete height, decking height. If the area is dug out more than 50mm extra charges will apply for clean fill to raise up levels to correct height. If the area is not dug out 30-50mm extra charges will apply to remove excess dirt and your job start date will be postponed until the site is prepared to the correct level. Site preparation is the owners responsibility. it is not included as part of the landscaping package and therefore is not our responsibility. You will be required to send  photo of your site prepared before we will book your job in.

* ensure that all other works have been completed before we commence work eg - earthworks,paving, decking, concreting, kerbing, retaining walls , etc

* we will only commence works once you have handover from your builder and fences have been installed

2. Consultation

At present with the restrictions due to COVID19 all consultations will be conducted by phone or email.

We will send you a  scale plan of your garden and house and a consult form to fill out. If you could show us a rough garden design sketch showing turf areas, garden beds and placement of plants we can begin the process of designing your garden. The consult form will also ask for the type of turf you would like, mulch type, plant types and any other materials you would like.

3. Garden Layout Design and Setting out the Works

We will prepare a scale garden design from your sketch showing the location of the turf, garden beds, and plants.

You will be sent a scope of works which includes :


* the type of turf laid

*Details of the reticulation system

* the quantity and size of plants included 

*the type of mulch to be laid

* the size, quantity and type of steppers to be laid (if applicable)

* the type of stones to be laid (if applicable)

* a detailed scale drawing of the garden design

* any quotes for upgrades or extra works (if applicable)

* the terms and conditions form to be signed and completed

* information on site preparation and earthworks

If you would like any changes at this point please send back your required changes and we will amend your plan. Please take some time to think about all of the changes you would like so that we can redraw the plan. It takes some time to redraw and requote a plan so please make sure to include all changes.

When you are happy with the plan and design and wish to proceed you will be required to :

* sign and date and return to us the scope of works, garden plan, terms and conditions form

* once we receive your signed documents we can move to the next stage which is site preparation.

* once your site has been prepared please send us a photo of the prepared site, we will then book your job in for completion.

4. Installation

Once we have received your signed copies of 

* scope of works

*garden design

* terms and conditions

and you have prepared your site for landscaping and sent us a picture

your installation will be booked in.

The installation will take a few days to complete.

If you are having reticulation we will send a qualified plumber and a qualified electrician to provide cut ins for the power and water. This will happen a few days before we are scheduled to install your garden.

As long as the plumber and electrician have access to the water meter and meter box for the power you do not have to be home. If you are home the water and power will be temporarily turned off to allow the cut ins to be completed. This is normally only 30 minutes or less. The tradesmen will knock on the door to let you know if your services will be temporarily turned off.

We will arrive on site any time after 7am on the day of your installation. You do not have to be at home or do anything, you can carry on with your day as normal. Due to the current social distancing restrictions due to COVID19 we will not need to enter your house for any reason. If we need to discuss anything we can phone you. We will have up to two workers on site at any one time. We follow current health guidelines relating to COVID19.

5. Completion

Upon completion of your landscaping package if you have reticulation your controller will be set according to the Water corp watering exemption schedule for new gardens.

It is the owners responsibility to contact the Watercorp on 13 13 85 to apply for a watering exemption.


If you would like help adjusting your reticulation controller please Phone Mike on 0407 422 708.