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Landscaping Packages for New Homes

Magic Dirt Landscaping are contracted to some of the largest land developers in Australia to complete landscaping packages for new homes in private estates.

We will work with you to create a stunning garden that no only enhances your home but maintains the high standard of landscaping within your estate whilst meeting the guidelines set out by your land developer.

As we  often have a number of questions from clients regarding their landscaping packages we have outlined in detail everything you need to know about your landscaping including : 

*     What guidelines do I need to follow when designing my garden?

*     What is included in My Landscaping Package ?

*     What is the Landscaping Process ?

*     How do I design my garden and what plants can I choose?

What guidelines do I need to follow when designing my garden ?

As with any new construction there are guidelines that have been set by the local council and the developer which we must follow. 

These guidelines 

For more information


What is Included in My Landscaping Package

Your landscaping Package is a basic starter package that includes reticulation (automatic OR Manual system - depending on the value of your landscaping package) plants, mulch and roll on Wintergreen turf.   


We will design, supply and install a reticulation system using scheme water. The system will service the turf and garden areas to the front, (or the front and rear) of your property as outlined in your purchase order from your land developer.

PLEASE NOTE: YOUR RETICULATION SYSTEM MAY BE AN AUTOMATIC OR MANUAL SYSTEM DEPENDING ON YOUR LANDSCAPING PACKAGE BUDGET. PLEASE ALWAYS REFER TO YOUR SCOPE OF WORKS PAPERWORK FOR CLARIFICATION. Manual reticulation systems can be upgraded to automatic for an extra charge payable by the owner. Please discuss with your consultant during consultation.

When completing only the front yard we provide a capped main line and spare control wires at the side of the house to a point 2 metres beyond the front building line.

A licensed plumber and electrician will provide cut ins for the water and electricity (for automatic reticulation only)

We supply and fit an automatic controller with the following minimum features:

    *  sufficient number of stations for the installed works included in landscaping package only:

    *  multi-programme

    *  rain switch


(for automatic reticulation systems only)

We use top quality PVC materials for all turf areas and supply and fit top of the range sprinkler heads to all turf areas. 

In the garden beds each plant will have an individual dripper installed at the base to ensure the water is used as efficiently as possible.


IMPORTANT : It is the owners responsibility to contact the Water Corporation on  13 10 39  when landscaping construction begins to apply for a watering exemption. 


On completion of your landscaping your reticulation controller will be set according to the watering exemption for new lawns from the Water Corporation. It is the owners responsibility to re set the reticulation controller at the end of the exemption period to the correct watering days as set out by the Water Corporation. If you require help to re set your controller please contact your consultant to arrange for the controller to be re set.


It is the owners responsibility to adhere to the watering schedule set out by the Water Corporation watering exemption. It is the owners responsibility to ensure new turf and plants are adequately watered - no warranty is offered on turf or plants with manual reticulation or no reticulation.





Wintergreen (Couch) is the standard turf supplied in your package.


Prior to laying , the turf area is given a final level and turf starter and a soil wetting agent are spread at the recommended rates. The turf is then laid, watered in and compacted.





We encourage clients to consider waterwise plants but you can choose from any standard priced, commercially available plants to your liking that are in stock and available from our suppliers. If the plants you request are not available from our suppliers then we will substitute these plants with the most similar plants available.


Prior to planting the soil is improved to promote healthy root growth. We supply and spread soil conditioner at the recommended rates and incorporate it into the existing soil around each plant. An individual dripper is fed to the base of each plant to ensure the efficient use of your water.



Please be aware that not all plants will be in stock or available all year round. We will try our best to supply the plants you request but please understand that some plants may not be available during certain seasons or during busy periods when stocks run low.




A variety of mulches is included in your landscaping packages. 


The mulches available are:



Karri and Peat                                       



Red Mulch  



Pinebark Mulch




Stones and Steppers


Stones and steppers can be supplied and laid as an alternative to mulch in some areas of your property.


For the long narrow areas that we normally find at the side of the house where the laundry and washing line are, stones and steppers may be a more practical solution.


The stones that are available are:



Rainbow Quartz Stone                          



Cracked Pea Gravel                                   



Blue Metal



The Steppers that are available are:














We can supply and lay the following turf as an upgrade:


*  Palmetto

*  Soft Leaf Velvet Buffalo

*  Sir Walter Buffalo

*  Zoysia

*  Artificial Turf


PLEASE NOTE : There will be an extra charge for this upgrade which will be invoiced separately and payable by the client


If you would like to upgrade your turf please ask you consultant and a separate quote will be drawn up. This quote will need to be signed by you and returned to your consultant before commencement of works.


In some instances where the landscaping package budget allows turf may be upgraded to buffalo or artificial turf. This depends on the size of the area to be turfed and the landscaping package budget amount. As all homes and blocks are different sizes, the turf included will be dependant on the size of the turfed area AND the budget allowance.

Artificial turf is available to all customers but the cost may not fit into every landscaping package budget allowance. If this is the case a separate quote can be prepared for upgrading to artificial turf.

The council regulations allow for 1/3 of the verge area to be covered in artificial turf (not including one driveway crossover). We will not lay artificial turf to the whole verge area.




Prior to commencement of any works the site must be clean and level and 20-30mm below kerb line. Please remove all weeds, rubbish and rubble.


Earthworks are not included in your landscaping package.

PLEASE NOTE: A builders site clean is not suitable for landscaping as generally the builder will not remove all weeds, rubbish, rocks and rubble and the site will be left level with the kerb line and driveway. You will need to prepare your site for landscaping to the levels mentioned above (20-30mm below kerbline).

If you are unsure if your levels are suitable contact your consultant and they will arrange to inspect the site.


If you require an earthmover your consultant will be able to refer you to a number of local operators.

                                                Clean Level Site 30mm below kerb- line




If you would like a quote on any extra landscaping please discuss this with your consultant at your initial consultation. 


A separate quote will be drawn up for any extra works. If you are happy to proceed with the quoted works the quote will need to be signed and returned to your consultant before commencement of works. Any extra works will be payable by the client.


What is the Process for Landscaping my Property ?


1. Purchase order for Landscaping Package


When your house reaches it's final stages of construction your land developer will inspect your property and then send us a purchase order for your landscaping.


PLEASE NOTE : The purchase order will not be sent through to us until your driveway is complete and your garage door is fitted.


As soon as we receive your purchase order we will contact you by phone to organise an onsite consultation with you at a time that suits you.


In the meantime we will ask that you view our website to understand what your package includes. We also ask that the following conditions are met:


*  You have gathered ideas for your new garden including the types of plants you would like, the position of garden beds and turf areas, etc. You can discuss this in more detail at the initial consultation.


*  A 90mm PVC stormwater pipe is placed under the driveway (to be used for reticulation only). The client will be liable for extra charges if this pipe has not been laid prior to commencement of works. If you have any queries about the placement of this pipe please phone Mike on 0407 422 708.


*  Provide a clean , level site that is free of weeds, rubbish and rubble. The final level should be 20-30mm below kerb line or paving.


*  Ensure that all other works have ben completed. eg earthworks,paving,decking,garden kerbing,retaining walls, etc.


*  PLEASE NOTE : We will only commence works once fences have been installed.


2. Consultation


At the consultation we will meet you onsite to discuss your landscaping.


We will sketch out your garden design to show the turf areas, garden beds, and placement of plants.


Please take some time prior to the consultation to think about your garden design and the type of plants you would like to ensure your consultant gathers enough information to draw up your garden design.


3. Garden Layout Design and Setting out The Works


At the consultation we discussed a suitable garden design with you and we then prepare a detailed drawing of the agreed garden design layout showing the location of the turf, garden beds,plants, stones and steppers.


You will be presented with:


*  A scope of works which includes:


          *  The type of turf to be laid

          *  Details of the Automatic Reticulation System

          *  The Plants chosen

          *  The type of Mulch to be laid

          *  The type of steppers to be laid (if applicable)

          *  The type of stones to be laid (if applicable)

          *  A detailed drawing of the garden design

          *  Any quotes for upgrades or extra works (if applicable)



When you have checked all details and wish to proceed you will be required to:


          *  Sign and date the copy of the scope of works, garden plan and any quotes for                         upgrades or additional works ( if applicable)

          *  Return the signed copies to your consultant to book your job for commencement



4. Installation


Once we have received your signed copies of:


          *  Scope of Works

          *  Garden Plan

          *  Quotes for Upgrades or additional works  (if applicable)


your installation will be booked in.


The installation will take a few days to complete.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have dogs or pets in the backyard please let your consultant know before commencement of works and discuss a plan to allow work to commence. 


5. Completion


Upon Completion of your landscaping package, your automatic reticulation controller will be set according to the watering schedule set out in your watering exemption.


Please make sure to contact the Water Corporation on 13 13 85 to apply for your watering exemption as soon as your turf is laid.





If you are having difficulty re-setting the controller please phone your consultant and they will be happy to re-set it for you.


6. Maintenance



You can keep your garden looking as good as the day it was created  through regular weeding, mowing,edging, mulching, and fertilising.


What are the Best times to fertilise my plants ?


In general fertiliser should be supplied to support peak growth periods.

For many plants spring is a big growth period, so spring is an important feeding time as is Autumn. Many plants also respond well to regular small feeds, for eg, roses, vegetables and herbs, perennials and annuals. Limit fertiliser use over the hottest months, as feeding then can encourage water demanding new growth.


For a wide range of garden, lawn and liquid fertilsers, controlled release fertilisers, and soil improving products visit Dirt N Boondies - 80 Bailey Blvd, Dawesville Ph 9582 2243



Why is Mulching So Important ?


Mulching is one of the most beneficial gardening practices. 

Applying a layer of course mulch between 70-100mm thick over the soil surface can reduce water loss through evaporation by a staggering 70%.

Other benefits include - cooling the soil surface, improving plant growth,it breaks down over time improving soil and feeding plants, encourages worms and microbial activity and suppresses weed growth, reduces soil erosion and looks attractive.


Mulches supplied by Dirt N Boondies in Dawesville are excellent products to recommend.


NB. Remember .....don't mulch right up to the trunk of plants (as this can cause collar rot) - leave a mulch free area around the trunk of each plant.


Mulch your garden twice yearly - in Spring to help with water retention over the hot summer months and Autumn to keep weeds under control during the cooler months.


How do I maintain my new Lawn ?


Lush green lawns are a great asset , providing beauty, an improved environment , a cool surface for your pets and children and are easy to achieve with proper care. 



Dry patches gradually develop in the lawn and if a core of soil is removed from these areas, it will be found that although the top centimeter may be moist, the soil underneath will be dry. This is caused by water repellence, a condition that prevents water penetrating the soil into the root zone. It can be corrected by aerating the soil and applying a wetting agent.


For watering to be effective it must be deep and regular. Light watering is a waste of time and water, creating shallow rooted lawns, which rapidly become stressed in hot dry weather. With current watering restrictions it is recommended that wetting agents be applied 3 times during the year - end of September, Start of December and Middle to End of February.


Check water penetration periodically (twice each summer) by cutting out wedges of turf about 5cm square and 15cm deep around the lawn. This can be done with a sharp knife. The top 30cm should always be moist if watering is adequate. If not, aeration or wetting agent may be needed. The best watering time is early in the morning when evaporation is minimal.



Fertiliser should always be applied when the leaf of the lawn is dry, watering immediately after application. Avoid fertilisers on very hot days. The most important times to feed lawns are Spring and Autumn at the rate of20-40gms NPK per square metre.


Fertiliser applied in early Spring will help lawn recover quickly from winter dormancy and resist the establishment of summer weeds. Fertiliser applied in Autumn will maintain growth and colour into winter.


As a general rule, 20-40grams of NPK fertiliser per square metre during the growing season (Sept through to April) should be applied every 6-8 weeks.




Lawn needs to be mowed regularly. It makes it look good, but more importantly it keeps it in good condition. The aim should be to keep the grass short, while maintaining sufficient leaf cover. This allows rapid recovery, keeps the soil cool, protects the roots from scorching and suppresses weeds. Close mowing leads to sun scorching and root damage in summer and reduced vigour in winter.


If grass is allowed to grow too long, cutting will expose brown stems giving a scalped appearance. The lawn will look very patchy, recovery will be slow, weed growth will be encouraged and thatch will develop. A height between 12-20mm is suitable for most lawns, fine grasses being cut closer than course grasses. The aim is to avoid removing more than one third of the leaf material at any one mowing.


Frequency of mowing depends on the lawn type, how well it is growing, how often it is watered and the time of year. Lawn grasses recommended for Western Australian conditions grow rapidly in summer and very slowly in winter. For best results the lawn should be mowed weekly in summer.



For more  information from the turf specialists please visit our suppliers websites:





































Karri and Peat Mulch

Pinebark Mulch

Rainbow Quartz Stone

Cracked Pea Gravel

Basalt Stone

Limestone Stepper Square 400mm x 400mm

Charcoal Stepper 400mm x 400mm

Limestone Stepper Square 400mm x 600mm

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