For Landscaping Packages in Madox Estate, One71, Osprey Waters, Madora Bay, Florida Beach

Reticulation is included in your landscaping package. Depending on your landscaping allowance we can provide either tap timer reticulation or automatic reticulation. If automatic reticulation is included we will provide the cut ins for the water and power by a qualified electrician and a qualified plumber. The automatic controller will be mounted to the wall next to your meter box unless requested by you to be mounted elsewhere. Extra charges may apply to have the controller fitted inside your garage or in a different location.

The plumber will attend your property to provide the cut in for the water. They will need to turn your water off for about half an hour while they do their work. The cut in provides a separate water line just for the retic and has a non return valve/isolation valve that allows the retic to be turned off/isolated if there is ever a leak or a pipe is hit/bursts due to damage. This isolation valve allows you to shut off the water to the retic but still have water running to the house.

Water Meter Cut in and Isolation Valve
cut in.jpg