Reticulation Pre Lays

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Reticulation Pre - Lays

When thinking about your garden design the first and most important thing to think about is - do I want sprinklers/water to my garden/turf?

If you would like reticulation (sprinklers) to your garden / turf we will need to run water in pipes (reticulation pipes) from your water meter to the areas of your garden that you would like sprinklers in.

For example if you would like sprinklers to your lawn area but your water meter is on the left hand side of the property on the other side of the driveway we will need a 90mm stormwater pipe underneath the driveway so that we can connect our pipes to your water meter and then push our reticulation pipes under neath your driveway to allow water to flow to your lawn and garden areas.

This means the water pipes (reticulation pipes) that we install will need to connect to the water meter and run underneath any driveways/footpaths/concreting/paving/paths to all turf and garden areas.

Reticulation pre lays are not included in the landscaping package and are the responsibility of the property owner.

Most builders will lay a pre lay under your driveway but you will need to check your building contract and plans. If your builder has laid a reticulation prelay under your driveway could you please ask them to mark where it is so that the landscapers can easily find the pre lay pipe.

If your builder or paver has not laid a reticulation pre lay you have two choices :

1 . Don't have any reticulation or sprinklers. Hand water your garden with a hose connected to your tap, or have a tap timer fitted to your tap. ( Please note a tap timer will only service a small garden. It will not be powerful enough to service a lawn area as the water pressure is not strong enough from a tap.)

2. Install a reticulation pre lay by pulling up your pavers in the driveway, digging in the 90mm stormwater pipe and then re laying your pavers. You can do this yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

Example - Reticulation Pre Lays 

Pre lays Diagram 2.jpg

As you can see in the example above because the water meter is on the far left hand side of the property a reticulation pre lay is required under the driveway to service the lawn and garden areas.

This property owner also wanted to have reticulation to their back yard for their lawn so has put another reticulation pre lay under the concrete path on the front right hand side of the house. This will allow the reticulation pipes to be laid down the side of the house to the back yard. The owner wanted the side paved so they laid the reticulation pre lay BEFORE the paving was laid. Now they have a pipe ready for reticulation to service the whole back yard.

Installing the Reticulation Pre Lay

pre lay.jpg

You can purchase the 90mm stormwater pipe for the reticulation pre lay from Bunnings or your local reticulation shop.

Dig a trench roughly 200mm below any paving/ concrete/ pathways. Allow 500mm of pipe to stick out either side of the driveway/ pathway/ concrete. Put a marker in the ground where you have laid the pipe so that the landscapers can find it easily.