Everyone wants their gardens to look great, but not everyone wants to spend hours in the garden each week.


Unfortunately there is no such thing as a "no" maintenance garden. All gardens require some maintenance. However, by choosing the right plants and garden design you can create a great looking garden which requires minimal maintenance.



Low Maintenance Garden Designs and Plants

Dianella Tasmanica Variegated

Yucca Elephantipes

Phormium Yellow wave

Phormium Sunrise

Phormium Patts Black

Phormium Chief

Phormium Bronze Warrior

Carex Testacea

Carex petriei

Coprosma Green and Gold

Cordyline Casper Green

Cordyline Australis

Red Star

Cordyline Electric


Cordyline Kirkii

Cordyline Purple


Cordyline Red 


Cordyline Torbay